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DXT SPCTR -- Army Core by StarXrossed DXT SPCTR -- Army Core by StarXrossed
Name Origin: Italian, meaning "light" and relating to "Lucifer".
Level: Rookie.
Attribute: Vaccine.
Type: Angel.
Family: Virus Busters.
Attacks: Grand Cross -- Fires ten superheated orbs in a cruciform syzygy.
Paradise Lost -- An attack combination, it starts with a flurry of punches. Next, he turns around and kicks his opponent straight up into the air. He flies up to meet his opponent and pile-drivers them into the ground with groundbreaking force.
-- An innocent, child-like Digimon. Lucemon is almost always smiling, finding amusement in the simplest things. He dislikes watching others get hurt, especially his teammates, and will throw himself in harm's way to prevent it. He is often persecuted by other Digimon by things his "predecessors" have done, but he doesn't understand why. He looks up to Dukemon and Zephyrmon as older siblings and Arisu is his best friend.

PawnChessmon B "Kuro"
Name Origin: English, "Pawn" and "Chess".
Level: Rookie.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Puppet.
Family: Metal Empire.
Attacks: Pawn Spear -- She stabs at her opponent with her spear.
Pawn Buckler -- She charges at her opponent with her buckler held up.
-- Kuro is a sharp-tongued femme Digimon who kicks ass and takes names. She tends to stab first, ask questions never. She's incredibly headstrong, and if she feel someone is badmouthing her or her teammates, she will unleash hell upon them. Kuro has an intense loyalty to Arisu, Lucemon, and Dukemon--who she sees as a mentor. She's also quite close to Starmon, who she sees as an older brother. She has a twin, Shiro.

Starmon L
Name Origin: English, "Star".
Level: Champion.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Mutant.
Family: Metal Empire, Nature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers.
Attacks: Meteor Squall -- Summons a rain of armored Pickmon [Nanomon] to attack the opponent.
Star Upper -- Punches the opponent with an uppercut from either side.
-- Starmon L is the token star-shaped Digimon of the team, but with a twist. A young upstart from an old relic of a Xone who managed to escape before it was destroyed by the Bagura Army. He's sharp-tongued and quick-witted, always ready with a snappy remark or a plan of attack. He gets aggitated when the army relaxes, though, and he always seems to be on edge whenever he catches wind of the Bagura Army, saying he has a personal score to settle with them. He has a small squadron of Armored Pickmonz [the "armored" Armor kind, not the ones Taiki's Starmon and Saku's GeisuStarmon have] at his disposal. He acts like a big brother to the PawnChess Twins.

Lucemon, PawnChessmon B, Starmon L (c) Bandai/Toei.
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