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Fangan Ronpa - SHSL Pokemon Expert by StarXrossed
Fangan Ronpa - SHSL Pokemon Expert
Super High School Level Pokemon Expert Eliott Spruce

dangan ronpa's art style is so fucking hard to emulate but that's not gonna stop me from trying at least once to do a character pin-up in it
i've never used the water brush on sai before but i think i might have abused the shit out of it so.  soooooo.  yyyyyeah.

ellie's title is probably a weird one, since how do you quantify an expertise in a game??  but she's a popular pokemon lper [expanding to games outside the main 'verse (meaning she does the mystery dungeon and ranger games too, as well as the others)], she's known for her nuzlockes and monoruns, she's a stellar competitive player who manages to bring new unique strategies to the table that few people can counter, and she has an encyclopedic knowledge of the entire pokedex.  among more things.  [jazzhands]

i'm redoing her sprites rn, but she's the only character i roleplay with currently.  but i'm okay with that, i love ellie she's a huge dumb nerd who loves pokemon more than she loves people whoops

also i really want those 3ds xl pokedex decals they're so sweet omg [although mine is blue so??? but who cares]

Eliott Spruce is mine!
Dangan Ronpa belongs to Spike Chunsoft ye.
PKMN - Kirythic by StarXrossed
PKMN - Kirythic
Name: Kirythic [key-RITH-ick]
Type: Dragon/Fairy
Bio: The old myths state that KIRYTHIC were the consorts and messengers of many Legendary Pokemon.  They are very peaceful and gentle, but they will jump to the aid of a person in need should they deem the human’s heart true and just.  A thin layer of air between their feet and the ground allows them to traverse any surface with ease, including water.

the evolution of tyriolt :'D  

shiny version over here!

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo
PKMN - Tyriolt by StarXrossed
PKMN - Tyriolt
Name: Tyriolt [TEA-ree-olt]
Type: Dragon/Fairy 
Bio: TYRIOLT are gentle young pokemon that love affection.  They often hound their owners for scratches and belly rubs.  They’re known for their docility, tending to avoid violence when possible.  

this is actually a fakemon i created for a fanregion a friend of mine is running on tumblr, but it wasn't picked, so i figured i'd throw it up here before i forgot :'D  it and its evolution are loosely based on kirins/qirins!

shiny version is over here!

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo
+ C E N T U R I E S + by StarXrossed
+ C E N T U R I E S +
ѕσмє ℓєﻭєη∂ѕ αяє тσℓ∂
ѕσмє тυяη тσ ∂υѕт σя тσ ﻭσℓ∂
ʙᴜᴛ yᴏᴜ ᴡɪʟʟ ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ᴍᴇ

when's the last time i finished a picture of masaru
idek it's been a LONG ASS WHILE
so once "Centuries" came out i'm like "yeah okay i need to.  like.  draw my number one favorite character and fictional aniki.  it's imperative."

and let's be real, go on and try and tell me that this isn't such a masaru daimon song, like, go on and try 
[you will not be successful in that endeavor fyi]

Masaru Daimon is from Digimon Savers.
Digisoul brush is from here
art is mine ayyyy
May I Sing for You? by StarXrossed
May I Sing for You?
i just started my senior year of college and i'm stressed about classes and stressed about applying to physical therapy school and beating myself up over the fact that i didn't get cast for a role that i'd been told i'd be perfect for so

i thought i'd try and calm down and post a cute picture of my robot boyfriend that i drew a month ago

hearing the jellyfish song in the actual anime is nice, clear's voice is really lovely <3

Clear belongs to DMMD | NitroChiral.   


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